Inspiring the extraordinary in people through authentic connection and loving accountability


Kayli Cross, MS, LMFT, LCDC


Individual Therapy

I offer individualized therapy to teenagers and young adults with a focus on stage of life issues such as self-development and navigating familial and peer relationships. I take a practical approach to teaching the skills needed to build self-esteem through the trials and experiences that accompany this time in life. From academic and peer pressure, to overwhelming feelings that could lead to destructive actions and habits, I seek to empower the individuals I work with through meaningful connection and shared positive experiences.

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Family Therapy

I believe that healthy family involvement in therapy is one of the primary indicators of successful outcomes. I work to educate and empower parents through parent sessions, as well as to foster authentic connections within the whole family system during family sessions. The two most important groups of people in a young person’s life are their friends and their family. I believe in intentional conversation and in the power of experiencing change together.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

This is my most recent adventure and I’m so excited to incorporate this more into my practice! Both of my dogs - Levi, a Lab/Red Lacy mix & Smokie, a Great Dane, are registered therapy dogs. Levi will be available for sessions once we have completed our Animal-Assisted Play Therapy certification course. Smokie currently attends talk therapy sessions, as he holds such a loving and calming presence. Just as people have their own strengths and insights, so do these guys – and I can’t wait for you to meet them!



If you are a professional in need of supervision, I am available to Marriage & Family Therapist Associates as well as to others who desire systemically based mentorship. My areas of expertise include: addiction recovery, teen/young adult development, family therapy, and building a private practice.


Behind the name…

Juniper trees come in all shapes and sizes and can be found all over the world - the one pictured here can actually be found in my front yard! What I love about this tree is all that it symbolizes - strength, healing, resilience, diversity, the need for deep roots - the things that I believe so many of us are working out in our own lives.

Usually, when an individual decides they’re ready for therapy, or even when a parent, family member or friend suggests it - it’s because that person is at a crossing. Some issue, event, relationship - whatever it may be, is asking for you to decide - which path will you take?

In both my personal life and my professional work, I’ve found that the path less traveled is typically the path worth choosing. But it’s scary - it requires hard work, vulnerability, and intention.

What I want to encourage you with is this - you’re not alone, you are worth doing the work, you have (and will find) support in places you can’t imagine yet - you got this! My hope is to provide you with a starting point, to help you grow deep roots, and to walk with you on your path as you discover what your adventure holds.